WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers 2021

Value is the worth of an issue it deals with the diploma of high-quality or well worth connected to something it could be seen as the regular ideas and general which courses our interplay with human beings within the society. Public marketing campaign towards cultism: one-of-a-kind businesses, along with the authorities, colleges, nonsecular institutions, and parents, should sell cognizance in opposition to cultism. Seminars and workshops should be prepared to talk about the dangers of cultism all over colleges without leaving out the number one schools. Authorities well-known: the authorities ought to also make laws to punish cultists for pushing away college students and younger human beings from joining these organizations.

The political leaders helping them have to also be placed to judgment due to the fact they’re destructive different children’s lives to make theirs higher; field and analyzing hard in faculty to achieve fulfillment: students should be kept busy and interact in school thru curricular and further-curricular activities. Because it is a regarded truth that “idle thoughts are the devil’s workshop”. When students are interacting with tough work, they’ll now not have time to enroll in a cult. Ethical training must be made compulsory within the number one and secondary colleges within the united states parents ought to take time to apprehend their children,2021 Waec questions and answers deliver sufficient time to pay attention to them at home, and satisfy their emotional mental, and physical needs.

Those competencies are coordinates in individuals. It is the literary or theoretical frameworks that guide the practical components of the works, financial and medical undertaking communication is a completely essential component of our lifestyles. Guy advanced communications capabilities as a social being to permit him to pass or ship facts from one character to the alternative or from vicinity to place. These are near communicative abilities and are extra complex. Consists of the art of proper writing, high-quality and carried out arts, song and drama. Those talents make effective use of all of the other four kinds of competencies where essential.